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The WBF Shopper

Welcome to
The WBF Shopper

The classified column
of the airways

The WBF Shopper is heard Monday through Saturday from 9 to 10am. Listeners from all over central Florida call The WBF Shopper to buy, sell or trade on the radio, for FREE!

To put your items on The WBF Shopper
call 863.533.0745 Monday thru Saturday, 9 to 10am.

Guidelines for The WBF Shopper
The best way to ensure the maximum number of listeners will get on the air is to limit every caller to:
  • One (1) telephone call per day,

  • A maximum of three (3) items per call,

  • A maximum of three (3) calls per week.

  • You can look up how times you have called the program by visiting Shopper Caller Phone Numbers.

When calling please be mindful of backgroud noise. You can't sell your items, if we can't hear you.
  • Speak Up, Speak Clearly, Speak Slowly

  • Announce your telephone number, twice.

  • Avoid feedback, turn down your radio, while announcing your items.

  • If we have problems with background noise, we will move on to the next caller.

And remember no telephone calls are placed 'on hold' prior to the program, all telephone lines open when The WBF Shopper begins.

In addition the staff and management of WWBF or Thornburg Communications, Inc., makes no claims or offers as to products being sold on The WBF Shopper by our listeners.

Rules for The WBF Shopper
The following is a partial list of items not permitted on The WBF Shopper: Rules for The WBF Online Shopper
  • Household pets of any kind including dogs, cats, primates, cage birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish. Pet animal parts, blood, or fluids are also not permitted, including stud/breeding service. Looking to buy an animal is allowed.

  • Commercial or home businesses (including flea market items).

  • Rentals, Rental Property or Rent-To-Own.

  • People looking for specific work and/or jobs.

  • People looking to buy, collect, pickup, or haul scrap metal or any wanted items.

  • Illegal telecommunications equipment, including access cards, satellite TV equipment (ex: Direct TV / Dish Network), signal jamming devices, password sniffers, unloopers, cable descramblers, or CB radio linear amplifiers.

  • Fireworks, including "safe and sane" fireworks or any destructive devices or explosives.

Having trouble getting on The WBF Shopper, try these tips:
  • Listen to the program on the radio, FM 102.9 or AM 1130. The host of the program will announce when the phone lines are available and/or open.

  • Listeners tell us, that using the redial feature doesn't work all the time. It depends on the type of phone you are using.

  • Listeners also tell us, that the automatic call-back feature offered by the phone company, only works some of the time.

  • The most successfull way to get on The WBF Shopper, is dailing directly, and lots of patience and a little luck.

  • Advertise your items using our online version of The WBF Shopper.

  • If your call is disconnected, prior to getting on the program, possible reasons are...

    • You have reached the limit of three calls per week. This is the most common reason.

    • You have already called the program. Remember, only one call per day.

    • Our telephone screening system cannot determine your telephone number.

Firearms on The WBF Shopper
For the purpose of The WBF Shopper, a person selling or buying a firearm is defined as: "a documented resident of the State of Florida, making occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms and/or ammunition for the enhancement of a personal collection, or who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms. In addition, the selling of firearms and/or ammunition cannot be the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms.

While no State of Florida permit is required to possess or purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun, it is suggested a firearm and/or ammunition seller confirm that the buyer is 1) not a convicted felon, 2) 18 years of age or older, 3) a documented resident of the State of Florida. Also you cannot carry a firearm on your person without a Concealed Weapons Permit.

Click here at access The Florida Crime Information Center, if you are concerned about buying a stolen firearm. You will need the serial number of the firearm, to conduct the search.