April 24, 2021 - 11:46 PM
Conservative Neutral Guy

Okay folks, it appears our beloved website for buying, selling and trading things has come under attack from "someone"! Let it be known, that if we "you morons" keep cluttering up our online airways with this aforementioned fribble, Jeff and the gang may pull the plug on us all! I for one support their station and their efforts to bring together a group of folks out there that no one else is.  With that being said, Mr. Price Police, Biden folks and Trump folks alike, opinions are like tailholes....everybody's got one! Just keep them to yourself...keep this station open for the future of buying, selling and trading things or YOU and ME may end up on the auction block...STOP IT!! For all of our collective sakes...STOP IT! Your opinion doesn't matter on this site! We are all we have left guys...hold it together for the team.

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