February 16, 2019 - 12:53 PM
George Brooks
- robot_2k@yahoo.com

Well, I will sell a hunting tree-stand with padded seat for just 15 trillion Zimbabwe dollars (or $15 USD), OR if you want a real Ten_Trillion 2008 Zimbabwe Bank-note to frame on your wall, I have one for sale for $10 OBO; also I have two kits (big and little) for grid-down SOLAR-power. Kit#1 = 2 small LED room-lights with Lithium-ion batteries, each with USB 5-volt/and car-battery 12-volt re-chargers (such chargers can charge cell-phones also from any car socket) -- for $15 . Kit#2 = one used/working car-battery with a car 12-volt socket attached AND powerful 7-watt room-light, and small fan/night-light attachment when sleeping -- for $25. (you re-charge big battery after several days with any solar-panel or regular car-battery re-charger). Email me at robot_2k@yahoo.com with Tree-Stand in the title of message and I will call you back. Thanks....George

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