February 07, 2019 - 12:49 PM
Peter Cori

Guitars, thinning the herd. Call for details, tell me what your looking for I may be of help. I give my guitars proper set up, low action, they play and sound better than new.  New Red Fender Squire Strat (2017 Indonesia excellent quality) modified with 16K Dragonfire Blues Kat PUPS $299.00...Excellent condition ESP LTD Rock'N'Roll High Gloss Sexy Black Electric Guitar F-50, 14.8k Bridge, easy play, she's hot! $175.00...Very Good Looking and Working Condition Line6 Spider 212 (Twin Twelve) MOD FX Amp 100W very loud at 1/4 volume, new red casters, clean $195.00...serious buyers please get details...863-904-8500

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