January 31, 2019 - 04:34 AM
- robot_2k@yahoo.com

If you live near Polk_City, I live near-by. I have (2) grid-down small LED room-lights with Lithium-ion batteries, each with USB 5-volt/and car-battery 12-volt chargers -- for $15 for both (such chargers can charge cell-phones also from car socket). Also, I have one used/working car-battery with a car 12-volt socket attached AND powerful 7-watt room-light -- for $20 (you recharge it in morning for 1 hour with your solar-panel or regular car-battery charger). Email me at robot_2k@yahoo.com with SOLAR in the title of message and your phone number in body of message, and I will call you back. Thanks....George

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