December 26, 2017 - 06:35 AM

Hi-Point 4595TS 45acp Carbine. $350. This thing is an absolute blast to shoot. There are not many options for an affordable 45acp carbine but this thing checks all the boxes. You HAVE to shoot it. This thing was deadly accurate at 25 yards right out of the box with its iron sights, I'm talking 1-2 inch groups. You feel very little recoil and it sounds (from the shooter's perspective) like it has a silencer on it. It's strangely quiet for a 45acp round. I've put probably 250-300 rounds through it in the past year. No scars whatsover. All factory paperwork, its 9 round mag, an additional pair of Promag 14 round mags, an adjustable forward grip, and a hard case.

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