August 17, 2014 - 09:47 AM
Eric Knerr

COMMERCIAL-GRADE PRESSURE WASHER on Skid w/ 90 Gallon Water Tank & Soap Injector - ideal for mobile detailing.   This model 2000, manufactured by All American, has mounted on the frame a Briggs and Stratton Over Head Valve Vanguard Series, commercial engine. Attached to the engine is a General Pump TP series pump assembly.   The frame measures approximately 18" X 20". There is a locking hose reel that contains 50' of high pressure hose with a 18" trigger spray wand. The wand is LIKE NEW. This comes with four (4) separate nozzle tips. From the floor to the top of the hose reel is approximately 31"  There is a separate 90-100 gallon plastic water tank with hose coupling to the 3-way General Pump unit. So, you have a choice of using city water or your water tank. The tank measures 26" X 37" X 25" (height). There are also tie down straps for the water tank to secure it in your vehicle/trailer.   The pressure washer is in very good condition and has been well cared for. The pressure...

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